"We got our fox red labrador, "Fletcher", from Charpentier's Labradors in May 2017. As first time dog owners, we had a lot of questions about the litter and dog ownership in general. Gary was always willing to take the time, whether over the phone or in person, to answer any questions we had. Fletcher is now 6 months old and is thriving! Gary is very passionate about training and even invites Fletcher and I out to do field training on Sunday mornings. We could not have asked for a better experience with a breeder and highly recommend Charpentier's Labradors to anyone looking for a lab."   - Richard Bennett

     "Charpentier's Labradors was wonderful to work with while selecting 2 new Detector Dogs for our Company. Gary was very quick to provide all the health certificates and pedigrees, as they have gone above and beyond with the health of their dogs and answer all of our questions. We were able to let Gary know what we were looking for in a Detection pup and both dogs have turned out to be wonderful detection dogs with great drive, very easy to train and work with. We will be purchasing more pups from Charpentier's Labs and look forward to working with them." - Katherine Heselton

    "Our family consider's ourselves very blessed to have one of Charpentier's Lab pups in our home. We searched many different breeders and our family "knew" that we found our breeder when we spoke to Gary about a black male that we have been looking for. I can't begin to tell and explain how incredibly pleased we feel with our pup "Reagan". The communication, pictures and the updates while we were waiting to meet our pup was nothing less than first class! The research that he puts into his breeding and genetics is very impressive!! I would highly recommend Gary and family to anyone that is looking for a pup". First class operation for a first class dog!  - The Canfield's

Charpentier's Labradors made adding a puppy to our family a great experience. We were originally looking at different dog breeds and actually had put a deposit down with a different breeder. It ended up not working out because of a lack of communication, so we were a little frustrated with how our puppy experience started. Enter Charpentier's Labradors... We were referred to Gary by Candlewood Kennels, which I think says a lot in itself. The first time I talked to Gary, I explained our situation and after about a half hour conversation on the phone, my wife and I knew we had found the right place! We were so excited that when we told my brother about our experience with Gary, him and his fiance decided they would like to add a puppy to their family as well. We now have sisters from the same litter, which is really cool! Gary was so helpful throughout the whole process, including giving wonderful tips for house training, hunting training, and just answering general questions. A year after adding a puppy to our family, Gary still stays in touch and likes seeing pics and knowing how the pup is doing. That's pretty cool! As for the pup itself, she is a beautiful dog with a great bloodline. She is very energetic and did an amazing job last fall in the duck blind. We are so glad we added her to our family and are excited to see her grow up with us and our young kids!
Overall, it's been a great experience and I will recommend Charpentier's Labradors to anyone looking to add a lab to their family! -Brad

We got so blessed to stumble onto Gary! We searched for breeders An Gary was the most responsive an give us the info we were looking for! With living so far away he gave us weekly emails, text messages, phone calls for updates on the litter. When we finally picked our pup, photos and videos of him growing were wonderful to have. We couldn’t be more happy with the choice we made in finding our pup! Our pup has been a great addition to our family An also a Handsome looking lab! Kylei

We are so thankful to have found Charpentiers Labradors. We began looking for a lab pup late last summer. While we had spoken with many breeders, we knew we had found the right one once we spoke with Gary. We were so impressed with how much Gary truly cares for his dogs and puppies and how he is always willing to answer any and all of our questions, no matter how lengthy. We are so thankful to have such a sweet puppy from Charpentiers. She's integrated so well into our family and has adjusted really well to our three young children. If you are looking for a lab puppy, my husband and I would highly recommend Charpentiers. We cannot say enough good things about them! Thank you Charpentiers! -Sarah

Oh where do I begin. Our search started in August for our next yellow lab female. We wanted a family dog that would hunt. We are on our fourth yellow lab. I lost track of the number of breeders I had spoken with and we visited numerous kennels. We saw a few good ones and a couple that we knew right away weren't right for us. Gary was super responsive from day one. (Not all that common in other breeders) Our plan was to get a puppy in April and be able to spend the summer training the new puppy. Some of the kennels we were interested in already had long waiting lists for upcoming breedings. When I called Gary in early December to check on upcoming breeding I could tell this was a breeder I wanted to check into more. After a 20 minute conversation about their litters Gary mentioned he had one more yellow female available that would be ready to go home the following week. Gary was not pushy at all. After about another 30 text messages and a couple hours of phone conversations we decided to bring home (red collar) out of Jewel and Wager. When I went to pick up Bridger I can't tell you enough what a warm feeling I got from Gary, his dad and mom. The love and care they had for all the dogs and puppies was amazing. Since bringing Bridger home four weeks ago Gary and spoke multiple times and numerous texts with the simplest to complex questions. If you are looking for a companion I highly suggest you check out Charpentier Labradors. Can't wait to continue our training with Bridger. She has been such a joy. -Jared

Thank you to Charpentier’s Labradors for finding us the perfect pup. We are so happy with him and the entire process. Gary was wonderful to work with and always willing to lend an ear to my never ending questions. We had first pick for a black male but were not able to visit before we picked him up. Gary was great to work with and listened to our needs. He was able to guide me through and recommend the pup he felt best fit our needs. I’m happy to say Wilder is the perfect addition to our family. If you’re looking for lab I highly recommend working with the Charpentier’s. They are passionate about their dogs and work hard to keep you informed as well as match you up with the perfect fit. Wilder has the absolute best demeanor and is so calm. People comment all the time how mellow he is (which is exactly what our family with four young children needed). I only have positive things to say about our entire experience. -Angela

We cannot say enough good things about Charpentier's Labradors! Gary is very knowledgeable and informational about breeding and raising labs! We couldn't be happier with our newest family member. If you are looking for a perfect four legged family member, this is the place to go! -Lisa

I want to thank Gary of Charpentier's Labradors for all his effort. From our first discussion over the phone until the time I picked up Rex and Chip, Gary kept me informed of pup developments answered my questions and made suggestions and recommendations. Early on I was in the process of finding a breeder, performing phone interviews and communicating via email. My first discussion with Gary lasted for well over an hour - we were basically interviewing each other. I was looking for someone I would be comfortable to work with and he wanted to ensure his pups would be going to a good home. Gary was my last call in the process - I have to say I had a good feeling about moving forward with Charpentier's Labradors.
My wife Tracy and I have had four dogs in the past, losing our last lab over a year ago. It had been a while since we went through the process. The Facebook page Gary setup for each specific litter was brilliant. Tracy and I found ourselves excited each day to see new photos and video. We could watch our new pups from the time they were born to when we made our picks on-line. Gary fitted a color collar on each pup which aided in our following them around and to watch personalities development. When our day came to pick - we were pretty much set on blue collar - Rex. Second choice was Teal - Chip.
Rex and Chip both have great personalities are strong, healthy and well adjusted. They will be great family dogs with many opportunities for wilderness camping and walking the trails of northern Minnesota for grouse and pheasant. It’s been a couple of weeks now and we are settling into a routine, learning our commands (these dogs are smart!) and our house training.
I’m very pleased to have worked with and continue to keep in touch with Gary. He checks in from time to time keeping tabs on the boys. I recommend him to anyone seriously looking for a quality breeder providing intelligent hunting and family labs. Thanks Gary - More pics on the way.-Peter

We would highly recommend Gary! After explaining to Gary that we'd had a bad experience with a different breeder, Gary was very understanding about the number of questions we had. He went over everything in great detail and was great communicating with us via email, phone and text. And the communication hasn't stopped since we've brought our sweet pup home. I've reached out to Gary with questions along the way and he's always been happy to help. He also sets up a private Facebook group for each litter so the families who have litter mates can keep up with one another and see how the pups are doing.
We couldn't be happier that we found Gary and were able to get our pup from him. He's a great family dog and have no doubt he will be a great hunting dog too. If you're thinking about adding a lab to your family, I would definitely recommend Gary & Charpentier's Labradors!

We had the best experience with Charpentier’s Labradors. Gary, really cares about all his puppies and truly puts the time and energy in making sure all the puppies go to their forever homes with great success. Gary, also takes wonderful care over his females/moms dogs. The passion Gary has behind the each Labrador is incredible. He has the bloodline paperwork on each litter which is great to have and mind blowing to see the where each litter started from. You also get updates on how the puppies are doing via pictures or videos. Gary has a clean area for the puppies and moms inside his home. Having a safe and clean area for the mom to feed her puppies and area for the puppies sleep and grow was very important to us! Gary also makes sure everything with mom’s health is great while she cares the puppies. This also was very important to us making sure the mom was being taken care of, too!
Last, we are in love with our Labrador, and so greatly appreciate everything Charpentier’s Labradors has given to each litter. If you want a beautiful/handsome, full of personality Labrador go with Charpentier’s.
Thank you Gary for giving us our Ellie.

I definitely recommend Charpentier's labradors! Gary shows professionalism and is very knowledgeable about his pups and the overall breeding process.
Living in Philly was pretty much the biggest obstacle but throughout every step of the process Gary was very willing to help with anything he could. He did some research on different ways to get the pup home and when i couldn't make it in person to choose out of the puppies left, he worked with me and sent me videos as well as photos and a brief summary of their personality-which i was very thankful for.
Overall, Gary went out of his way to make this process as smooth as possible for me. I will definitely recommend to any friends or family looking for a pup! Thank you Gary for providing such a phenomenal best friend!